Knowing When It Is Time to Repair

Planning for the next big home improvement project even after you’ve recently completed a renovation, is normal. With home design, there’s always another project to tackle, new technologies to integrate and color schemes to change. To better organize your home improvement goals and increase your odds of project success, consider the best times to complete the following common home improvements.

    1. January: Carpet Cleaning

Winter creates a major mess both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the harsh elements, carpeted floors hold significant amounts of grime throughout the snowy season. While it may seem more traditional to wait until Spring for deep cleaning, this leaves ample time for stains to settle and become difficult to remove. Plus, proactively eradicating bacteria and germs is good for you and your family’s health, especially during the months when more time is spent indoors. Have your carpets cleaned in January when it matters most.

    1. February: Wall Painting

If you own a home in MA or another cold climate, tackling indoor projects while temperatures are low saves time for outdoor improvements when warmer weather arrives. In months like February, you’re more likely to get a better price on professional home painting than you would in the spring or summer. In addition, the cold air helps cure the paint, so make sure you crack a window for ventilation and proper drying.

    1. March: Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters lead to moisture accumulation in less-visited areas of your home such as basements and crawl spaces. If the issue isn’t resolved, water build-up may damage the foundation and create costly repairs. It’s best to clean out the gutters before springtime heavy rain commences, and March is right in between the seasonal shifts.

    1. April: Flooring

Refinishing hardwood floors is not something you want to endure during the summer. Hot, humid temperatures may cure the finish too quickly and cause the sheen to dry improperly, resulting in an uneven or glossy finish. Upgrade your home’s flooring in April when the weather is mild enough as to not interfere with the final result.

    1. May: Refrigerator Upgrade

Appliance sales are common in autumn, except when it comes to refrigerators. New refrigerator inventory is usually released in May, which means older models receive generous markdowns. Discounts aside, you can also save on your utility bill by opting for Energy Star appliances that use fewer resources to run your home.

    1. June: Exterior Refresh

Once the rain subsides and summer begins in June, it’s best to power wash your home’s exterior and clean the windows. Power washers use substantial force, so make sure to test them out on a small area to avoid damaging exterior paint. Don’t forget to check caulking and weather-stripping or you’ll wind up with major messes indoors. We found some helpful tips at Lowe’s regarding proper pressure washing.

    1. July: Lawn Care

July marks the beginning of peak summer temperatures. Fertilizing your lawn so it has the necessary nutrients to survive the rest of the season is imperative. This also helps curb the number of weeds you’ll need to pull down the road. It is best to complete lawn fertilization between four to six times per year.

    1. August: Home Painting

Exterior paint performs best with few temperature changes between day and night, making August a prime time to get the job done. Track the time of day the sun hits each side of your home and plan to paint shady areas accordingly. Or, hire a professional to avoid the hassle and added equipment costs.

    1. September: New Windows

September makes for a great time for window replacements. Temperatures (between 40 and 80 degrees) are mild enough for caulking to adhere. It’s never a bad idea to invest in new windows that detain your indoor heat and block cold breezes before winter begins.

    1. October: New Appliances

Outside of refrigerators, other large appliances usually go on sale in October. New dishwashers, stoves and washing machines are released and discounts on older models start to appear. With the holidays approaching, some retailers may offer additional celebratory savings.

    1. November: Bathroom Overhaul

You may be able to get a good discount from a contractor for a small remodeling project when winter begins and business is slower. In November, ask for estimates on your powder room or guest bath renovation, especially if you plan to swap out cabinetry or re-tile large surfaces.

    1. December: Outdoor Living

Although most people aren’t spending much time outdoors in December, the final month of the year is a good time to invest in a new deck. Deck builders usually have less on their plate before the holidays and are more inclined to provide clients a discount. Plus, the cold and cloudy weather helps pressure-treated wood dry consistently and minimizes the odds of warping or cracking.