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Painting Design Tips

Your living room is the most visited area of your home. Because of this, it is subjected to more scrutiny and criticism. However, by simply tapping an expert, you no longer have to worry too much about your living room painting.

The washroom is definitely the most private area in a home; however, it is also the most often neglected space when it comes to decorating and painting.

Great Colors for Your Dining Room Meal times should be spent in a bright, cheery room. After all, dark, musty places can hardly whet an appetite.


Best Way To Perfect Mitres

Fine-tuning a miter for a perfect fit is often a trial-and-error process. Practice on smaller test pieces until you get your miter saw set to exactly the right angle, then cut the actual parts.


Easy Framing Formula

Here’s a formula that works every time, no matter how many doors, windows or corners your walls have:

  • One stud per linear foot of wall.
  • Five linear feet of plate material (bottoms, tops and ties) per linear foot of wall. It’ll look like too much lumber when it arrives, but you’ll need the extra stuff for corners, window and door frames, blocking and braces. Set aside the crooked stuff for short pieces.

Mark Don't Measure

Early on in my carpentry career, I mismeasured an expensive baseboard and cut it too short. Instead of shouting, ‘You’re fired,’ my boss just said, ‘Don’t use your tape measure unless you have to.’ He was right. Holding trim in place and marking it is always more accurate than measuring, often faster and it eliminates mistakes. This is good advice for other types of carpentry work too, like siding, laying shingles and sometimes even framing.

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